Rubber Sponge Strips and Sheeting

This closed cell rubber sponge is suitable for industrial applications. It comes in sheet form, strip form, and chord form. We also have self adhesive rubber sponge strips.



Sponge Strip – EPDM UV resistant (length optional)

  • 32mm (width) x 13mm (thickness)
  • 30mm (width) x 20mm (thickness)
  • 10mm (width) x 10mm (thickness)
  • 25mm (width) x 10mm (thickness)
  • 10mm (width) x 8mm (thickness)
  • 22mm (width) x 13mm (thickness)


Sponge Chord – EPDM (length optional)

  • 7mm diameter
  • 10mm diameter


Self Adhesive Sponge Tape – PVC Nitrile (oil resistant)

3mm thick6mm thick9mm thick13mm thick
12mm (width) x 25.5m rolls18mm (width) x 12m long24mm (width) x 9m rolls30mm (width) x 6.2m rolls
18mm (width) x 24m rolls24mm (width) x 12m long48mm (width) x 9m rolls36mm (width) x 5.5m rolls
48mm (width) x 12m long40mm (width) x 7.2m rolls


 Sponge Sheets –  PVC Nitrile (oil resistant) 

  • 3mm x 1050mm
  • 6mm x 1050mm
  • 9mm x 1050mm
  • 12mm x 1050mm