Wash Down Mats


Our Wash Down Bay Mats are highly durable, allow for excellent drainage, are environmentally friendly, and are effective in preventing falls and injuries. The porous design of these mats allows for  drainage, high traction and comfort. These mats are specially manufactured to suit Australian environmental conditions.

Wash baysHeavy dutyExcellent drainage
Training pool rampsHigh strengthAnti-slip when wet
Grass mat (Landscape)Maximum anti-slipAllows water and debris to flow through
Muddy areasHigh traction
Resilient and tough
Fully vulcanised and sealed
Non porous
Resistance to bacteria and mould
Resistance to alkaline substances


ThicknessDimensionsProduct Code
23 mm1000 mm x 1500 mm CDJ 1036


We are committed to quality – we use only virgin polymers, and so do not use recycled rubber, rubber dust or rubber crumbs