Anti-Static Straps


This product has been developed after two years of extensive research and development work carried out by our company. The rubber strap is specially formulated with conductive chemicals to achieve excellent conductivity. The rubber polymer used in the product is EPDM, and is highly resistant to oxidation and UV attack. It is also well suited to hot or cold environments. Our Anti Static Straps conform to ISO2878 – 1987 (NATA Laboratory Certified) and stop electro stress, electro hypersensitivity and painful zaps when attached to a vehicle. *we are committed to quality – we use only virgin polymers, and so do not use recycled rubber, rubber dust or rubber crumbs

Electro stress and electro hypersensitivity cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms in some people.Some reported effects are:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Draining of energy
  • Excessive fatigue
  • Become more accident prone
  • Dry eyes
  • Memory lapse
  • Nausea
  • Travel sickness

Fitting Instructions: Use bolt or screw to secure strap at the rear end of chassis of the vehicle. The free end of the strap should touch the road at all times.