Insertion Rubber


This high quality Insertion Rubber contains fabric-reinforced layers for maximum strength, with one or two plys (depending on the thickness). The rubber polymers used to manufacture this product are a blend of natural/SBR rubber, promoting resistance to impact, tear and abrasion. This rubber compound also contains antioxidants and anti-ozonants, preventing weathering and UV attack.

We are committed to quality – we use only virgin polymers, and so do not use recycled rubber, rubber dust or rubber crumbs

Dividers for floats / trucksHardness 70 ± 5 DuroInjury protection
Float /stable/ truck liningHigh strengthEasy installation
Round yardsHeavy dutyCost efficient
Horse arenasToughPrevents injury from kicking
 GasketsHigh quality UV resistant
 Protection for Stump Grinding MachineryHigh tensileResistant to weathering
 Mud Guard for Trucks, Buses and CaravansHigh tear


Insertion rubber fabric reinforced 1 & 2 ply

ThicknessDimensionsProduct Code
1.5 mm1200 mm x 10 m 1 ply CDJ 1021
3 mm1200 mm x 10 m 1 ply CDJ 1022
4.2 mm1200 mm x 10 m 2 ply CDJ 1024
6 mm1200 mm x 10 m 2 ply CDJ 1023
10 mm1200 mm x 10 m 2 ply CDJ 1025